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Defining the Elusive

Oscilloscope – Noun; os·​cil·​lo·​scope | \ ä-ˈsi-lə-ˌskōp; an instrument in which the variations in a fluctuating electrical quantity appear temporarily as a visible wave on a display screen

Well, yeah. But what does that mean in the context of a Lit Mag?

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We are everywhere and nowhere. There are whispers of us in the wind. We are Oscilloscope, so we are as fast as the speed of light.

We lurk in the shadows but can burn like the sun.

We care deeply about literary fiction but we are not stuffy. We care more about plot and character than gerunds and infinitives.

We appreciate irony, absurdity, the surreal, and anything with a dark sense of humor.

We believe highbrow can still be fun.

We acknowledge “we know it when we see it,” is a cliché, and yet it is our ultimate test.

We detest genre if it’s obvious or rote, but we are willing to consider work that is creatively stimulating, even if it exists in the dreamscapes or borderlands between or adjacent to genres.

We keep it clean, because our mothers read this.

If we were an ice-cream flavor, it would be mint chocolate chip.

We seek the ephemeral, then demand it be recreated.

We love the outdoors, but we are allergic to ragweed.

We are: unrepentant Francophiles, open-minded, omnivorous readers, believers that a great poem or short story can change the world.

We are not: overly sentimental, overly logical, easily defined.

We are a Lit Mag created by writers for writers.

Our Only Rules: (1) Gratitude for our readers; (2) There is nothing more important than our creative contributors and their important work.

We will read every submission all the way through (assuming it meets our basic submission requirements) and we strive to give personal feedback to more than half of the work we receive.

Our quarterly print edition will feature two short stories and interviews with the authors. We will commission one story and select the other from the “slush” pile. We pay $500.00 and provide five contributor copies to the story chosen from the “slush pile.” We are seeking new and emerging writers.

We are Oscilloscope – a literary magazine with energy.

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