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Short Story Highlight of the Week 6/21/20

Every week, I attempt to highlight a new short story. I usually attempt to bring attention to a short story that is new, rather than merely “new to me.” I also (generally) attempt to highlight short stories from emerging rather than established authors. This week I’m going slightly off-script, in choosing “Waste” by the venerable […]

Short Stories

The Color of Sisyphus’ Suitcase by James Joaquin Brewer

The Color of Sisyphus’ Suitcase, by James Joaquin Brewer Throughout much of the long flight to China, he was focused on re-reading The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays and reconsidering the implications of Albert Camus’ famous opening stipulation: “There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.” To which he had […]

Interviews with Literary Journals

Interview with Laura Garrison of Jersey Devil Press

A big thanks to Laura Garrison, Online Editor of Jersey Devil Press for taking the time to be interviewed about the interesting speculative/horror fiction (and more) literary magazine that, like Oscilloscope Lit, is forged in the “Garden State.” So, grab your flashlight, don’t get separated from your group of friends, and let’s go for a […]


Short Story Highlight of the Week 6/8/20

Every week I attempt to highlight a wonderful short story I read somewhere off-site. As a recent subscriber of the unique Barrelhouse, this week I can’t help but recommend “Sousathon,” by Tom Weller. “Sousathon” is a story told through the lens of an event. Like the main character of the story, the tale itself grows […]

Outside Recommendations

Short Story Highlight – Week of June 1, 2020

This week I’m going to stay close to home, so to speak, and recommend Mike Bonnet’s short story “Olive and Jasmine” from Halfway Down the Stairs. In the spirit of transparency, my own short story “Route 22” is included in the 51st publication, with the theme of Upside Down, and of course I recommend all […]