Letter from the Editor – Carl Taylor

The Tedium of Repetition, by Jocelyn Ulevicus

The Tedium of Repetition is the title of one of Jocelyn Ulevicus’s visual art pieces which appear in this magazine, and I thought it so fitting to our times that I asked to borrow it for our inaugural edition of Oscilloscope Literary Magazine. This magazine has been conceived and created during the ongoing COVID-19 disaster, a time in which we all know tedium and repetition too well. I write this letter at a time of ongoing violence, disconnection, fear, prejudice, and fracture, both nationally and globally. The gift of art is empathy and understanding. It’s helped me through personal ups and downs, and I know it helps many others. I believe that the right poem, short story, or speech can create change in the world. (Think of all the times they already have.)

The artists that have contributed to our inaugural publication have taken a risk. They have not only submitted to a newer literary magazine, but they are putting themselves out there and sharing a piece of their hearts, minds, and souls with the world at large. It takes courage to do that, and I attempted to be courageous in selecting these works;  to choose work from many different perspectives, in the hopes that we can better understand each other. I hope we can also seek a higher form of consciousness and to be open-minded, both with ourselves and with others.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread and upended our lives, I made the decision to leave my (somewhat) comfortable profession as a lawyer and to pursue creative endeavors, both with my own writing and by helping others to achieve their artistic fulfillment. I suppose as an early midlife crisis, it beats buying a fancy car (but only by a tiny bit). I need to thank my wife Kristen and our daughters for the sacrifices they have made, financial and otherwise, so that I could pursue this dream.

My appreciation extends to the rest of the Oscilloscope team for their diligent assistance, to those that put themselves out there by submitting, and our talented contributors, who come from all over the world.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to those that take the time to read and contemplate these works, to those that share them, or “like them,” on social media. Art is a dialogue, and, by engaging in that dialogue, you are taking an active role and opening yourself up to different ideas, expressions, and worlds. What a powerful act! There is a reason that totalitarian regimes have historically sought to silence or censor the free flow of information and sensitive ideas, to silence anyone that disagrees with their limited view of the world: It’s because this is important stuff.

Oscilloscope Lit commits itself to being inclusive and were proud to sign the statement put out by the Offing.  In the coming days I will consider additional ways I can better push for equality, justice, and fairness—both in the arts and in the world.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in these strange—and yes, absurd—times. Thanks again for your support.

                                                Best regards and welcome,

                                                Carl Taylor, Founder/Editor

                                                Oscilloscope Literary Magazine