“When seriously explored, the short story seems to me the most difficult and disciplining form of prose writing extant. Whatever control and technique I may have I owe entirely to my training in this medium.” – Truman Capote, Paris Review, Issue 16 (1957)

  • We seek quality short stories. We publish literary fiction that veers into the strange (absurd, surreal, etc.)
  • Moving forward we will publish a quarterly print/digital magazine that will feature two short stories and interviews with the authors. We will commission one selection and choose the other from our submittable submissions. We will pay $500.00 to the story chosen from Submittable along with five contributor copies. We are seeking new/emerging authors.
  • With the author’s permission, we may also publish certain works rejected for the printed/digital quarterly publication, as part of our online literary magazine or in one-off published anthologies.
  • Please submit only one story at a time.
  • Please do not provide any personal identifiers in the body of your work (only in the cover letter/bio).
  • We appreciate irony, the absurd, the surreal, and anything with a dark sense of humor.
  • We will submit certain work we publish for Pushcart or other awards.
  • To ensure quality and to present your work in its best light, we pay to have all work we choose to publish in our print edition professionally edited by our copy/line editor. This benefits your work. By submitting you agree to such changes/revisions for our publication should your work be selected.
  • Fiction – 2,000-8,000 words; (we do not publish flash fiction);
  • Additional Information –We pay only via PayPal and we take no responsibility for third party vendors. In addition, it should be noted that our reading fee goes toward our submittable costs, and funding payment for accepted work. (As writers/creatives we know it’s not fun paying a reading fee, particularly as ours is a bit higher than most, but be advised the money is not going into our pockets.)

For all work

  • We accept multiple submissions, but please withdraw if you place somewhere else;
  • We only accept submissions electronically;
  • Please include a brief cover letter explaining who you are but not explaining the work other than the title and word count. Please include your email in the cover letter as well;
  • Work must be your original work, never before published including on social media or your own website(s);
  • Written work should be double spaced, 12 point font in Courier New or Times New Roman;
  • We may work with you to make certain edits prior to publication;
  • There is no guarantee of acceptance;
  • We cannot be responsible for any loss, damage, or delay to the work.
  • You give us exclusive first time rights for 90 days to the work after which secondary rights revert to you. Oscilloscope will still retain non-exclusive writes to the work for its website and/or potentially future anthologies. Please reference Oscilloscope in any subsequent anthologies or short story collections as the first publisher of the work. Please note that upon acceptance we will provide you with a first serial rights agreement. Your work cannot be previously published and we will rescind any acceptance if we learn otherwise.
  • Fill out the form below to Submit. When using Submittable or accepting payment through Paypal/other vendors, you are responsible for being knowledgeable of their privacy and other terms and conditions. We do not store or save anything other than what is necessary to publish our literary magazine.