Summer 2020 – Publication #1 – The Tedium of Repetition

The Tedium of Repetition


Carl Taylor

Copy/Line Editor

Lauren Maddox

Creative Director/Art Editor

Tom Eichhorn


Oscilloscope Literary Magazine is a quarterly publication founded in 2020. Oscilloscope Literary Magazine is the magazine imprint of Oscilloscope Press, LLC, incorporated in New Jersey. The magazine is on the web at Follow us on Twitter at @oscilloscopelit or on Facebook at Oscilloscope Literary Magazine is published in June, September, December, and March each year.

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Oscilloscope—Noun; os·​cil·​lo·​scope | \ ä-ˈsi-lə-ˌskōp; an instrument through which the variations in a fluctuating electrical quantity appear temporarily as a visible wave on a display screen.

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Carl Taylor – Letter from the Editor

Visual Art

Marieken Cochius – Spread

Kristin Fouquet – Solarized Portraiture (Fluid/Flutter/Flux)

Jocelyn Ulevicus – The Tedium of Repetition/Careful, Nature/Remember, Mother

Short Stories

Noel Cheruto – London is Cold

Matt Getty – Back of My Neck

Ankur Razdan – Stapled to the Sleeve

Thea Schiller – Dear Nelson Mandela

Michael Washburn – Fancy Meeting You Here

Joshua Willey – The Ruy Lopez


S.T. Brant – A Yiddish Adage

Sarah Henry – My Etsy Order Shipped

Mike Perez – Mohs’s Scale of Hardness

John Petelle – Cold Ridge by Lakeside

Charles Rifici – Seashore Lullaby/The Garden Girl

Benny Sisson – Magazine Clippings Scotch Taped to a Teenage Bedroom Wall of Which Some Has Been Redacted/Today I Accomplish Nothing/Billions of Bennys

Rachel Stempel – Burning Just West

MJ Stratton – Based On a Dream/Cover My Eyes and Guess Who (or: Falling Apart at 2:11AM)